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360 Degree Touchless Car Wash Machine Z9

Product Name: 360° Touchless Car Wash Machine Z9
Product Feature:
1. 360 degree rotary spray: Water spray, foam spray, wax spray; 360 degree rotary high pressure water washing.
2. Equipped with chassis and wheel hubs high pressure water washing.
3. Z9 car wash machine only needs 27 seconds to rotate, 50-80 seconds to wash the car and 150-190 seconds to care. The total time for car washing + care + air drying is 270 seconds
4. Adopt the tension wheel lifting rail structure, so the operation is stable and smooth, and there is no risk that the upward pressure installation method is easy to run and derail.
5. With a perfect safety detection system, if the vehicle does not stop at a reasonable position, the equipment will not start, and the LED and prompt tone will guide the vehicle to stop at a reasonable position and then start washing the car.


1. Adopt imported well-known brand electronic components, ensure long life time and high durability, low failure rate.
2. Independent design, reasonable layout, directly driven by a single motor, stable output.
3. With advanced detection sensors and reliable control system, the detection accuracy of vehicles is particularly high.
4. The use of new direct drive technology has greatly improved the energy saving, safety and stability of the
5. Intelligent frequency conversion system, and Intelligent liquid proportioning system, more energy-saving.
6. 360 degree omni-directional cleaning without dead angle, reducing the wear of paint surface
7. Adopt the software architecture of sustainable lifting.

contactless car wash equipment Z9

Spec. & Configuration
Applicable cars models Sedans, SUVS, MPV, etc.
 Working configuration Chassis and wheel hubs wash
360° water spray 
360° form spray 
360° wax spray
360°high pressure water wash
Washing size L*W*H: 5600*2600*2000mm
Appearance size of equipment L*W*H: 7750*3700*3200mm
Installation size L*W*H: 8000*4000*3400mm
Equipment power Water pump 6-stage motor: 15kw/380v;
Fan drying motor: 4kw*4 groups /380v
Average water consumption 90L-140L/car
Liquid consumption 20ML-150ML( Could be adjusted )
Electricity consumption 0.4-1KWH/car

contactless car wash equipment Z9 function

Mainly Function
Chassis (wheel hub) flushing Anti collision of mechanical hardware
High pressure 360 degree flushing
(Standard / powerful free switching)
One-key start and reset
Three times 360 degree rotary spray Leakage protection
Automatic chemical mixing system
(3 types of liquid: Wipe free car wash fluid, high foam car wash fluid, wax coating)
Water level monitoring and water shortage protection
Embedded air drying system
4pcs fan dryer: standard / strong free switching
Fault self-test
Intelligent electronic anti-collision Fault alarm and record
Magic color foam Cross arm translation system (360 degee)

contactless car wash equipment cleaning

contactless car wash equipment, car wash process

car washing machine power

Mainly electronic component
Hot galvanizing + electrostatic spraying install frame  Germany Weidmuller wires terminal
Germany Siemens control system USA Peer bearing
Japan Omron switch power supply Germany B+F ultrasonic sensor
Japan Omron Proximity switch Japan Panasonic/Germany Siemens Driver system
Germany Pinfl high pressure water pump France Schneider circuit breaker

brushless car washing machinery,

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