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Zhengzhou Shinewash Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2016, which is a professional automatic car wash machine manufacturer in Zhengzhou, China. Our company focuses on researching, developing and manufacturing full-automatic car wash machines which include tunnel car wash system, rollover (gantry) car wash machine, 360 degrees touchless car wash machine, bus wash machine and truck wash machine. We have more than 50,000 square meters of production and office area and over 100 employees. Shinewash is a famous brand of car wash machine in China. We exported automatic car wash machines more than 80 countries in past years.

Shinewash is not only a car wash machine manufacturer but also a professional automatic car wash service provider. We operate more than 1000 car wash stations which locate at parking lots or gas stations in China, which use automatic car wash machine made by ourselves. That’s why we deeply understand how important the after-sales service is.

We spend much money every year to develop more stable PLC washing program and improve the assembly line to lower the fault rate of car wash machines. We provide our clients with 3-year warranty which means all the parts which are needed to be replaced are free in three years.

Our production capacity is about 150 sets per month. The delivery time is about 3-7 days. Customers can customize any logos, colors and appearances for the car wash machines they purchase. We also provide remote diagnosis service for all the machines we sold so that we can provide customers with solutions for any possible faults at the fastest speed.

Shinewash always adhere to the needs of customers as the guide, in order to create high-quality, high-reliability, energy-saving automatic car washing equipment, Shinewash ! make the life easier!





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