Tunnel Car Washing Machine S9 Installed In Anyang,Henan Province.

2022-07-21 14:05:05

Author:Shinewash   Time:2021-5-12

May,10th,2021, Shinewash’s tunner car wash machine was successfully delivered at 1th. gas station of CNPC in Anyang city,Henan province.

tunnel car wash machine system

1st gas station of CNPC in Anyang city is the first gas station builted is Anyang,
In the first few years of the station construction, the sales volume has been 10ton/day, but with the development of the city, more and more gas stations were born in this city. There are several Sinopec gas stations near this gas station too.Seriously affected his sales, we showed up when they needed it most. The beautiful appearance of the tunnel-type washing garage and the novel car washing mode add a landscape to the gas station.

tunnel car wash machine price in india

Before our tunnel car wash machine installed,this satation’s sale volume is 6 tons/day,after istalled,it increased to 12 tons/day.

what is tunnel car wash machine

With the passage of time, our company will continue to optimize the appearance of the car wash machine and the colorful of car wash experience, bringing a different feeling to the car wash customers. We also hope to bring continuous benefits to our partners.

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