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11 Brush Drive Though Tunnel Car Washing Automatic-tunnel-car-wash-machine Q11

Benefits of a tunnel car wash include:
1. Safe and effective cleaning. The EVA brush is a soft, foam-like material, has the power to scrub off stubborn dirt without scratching paint and provides a natural polish when combined with paint-safe products. 
2. Paint-safe detergents. Uses top-of-the-line detergents, waxes and ceramic coatings that protect your vehicle’s paint while combatting tough stains and calcium water spots.
3. Less water use. A tunnel wash uses an average of 80 liter of water per vehicle, this saves both resources and your wallet.


Product advantages:

  • Fast car washing, high degree of automation, safety and convenience, and the car washing operation can be automatically completed without manual work;
  • The machine is composed of the whole machine frame, water circuit, electricity circuit, air circuit, cleaning and maintenance spraying system, conveyor, unique strong fixed air drying system, international general brush, industrial automation PLC control system configured with foreign brand electronic components, etc,
  • The appearance design is novel. The overall frame of the machine is first treated with high temperature phosphating and hot-dip galvanizing, and then the surface is powder painted, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-proof.
  • Unique environmental protection and water-saving system, new touch-type operation display screen, simple and easy to understand, human-machine dialogue is realized through intuitive touch screen, and automatic fault detection system makes the equipment more safe and reliable
  • The actual use cost is low, the work efficiency is more than 5 times that of the traditional manual car wash, and it has impeccable functional advantages.


Parameter/Model Tunnel-type 11 Brush Compressed Air Supply 0.75~0.9Mpa air flow rate≥0.6m^3/min
Machine Size (m) L15*W4*H3 Water Supply DN25mm water flow rate≥200L/min 
Installation Size (m) L27×W4.5×H3.2 Water Consumption 80-150L/car
Washing Size (m) L≤unlimited*W≤2.3*H≤2.1 Electricity Consumption 0.6KWH/Car
Shipping Volume 14 m³ Shampoo Consumption 7ML/Car
Shipping Weight 7 ton Water Wax Consumption 12ML/Car
Moving Speed frequency control Top Brush 1
Power 22KW Big Vertical Brush 4
Voltage 380V  50Hz Skirt Brush 4
Applicable cars Sedans, SUVS, MPV, etc. Horizontal Wheel Brush 2
  • Human-machine interface: intelligent operation, unattended, this is the future choice

    Function: touch screen operation, man-machine interface
    Features: Independent operating platform, made of plastic mold, sunscreen and waterproof, with 14-inch touch screen, support credit card, coin and APP payment.

  • Guide car forward: correct guide and protect the tires!

    Function: touch screen operation, man-machine interface
    Features: Guidance and correction function to guide the forward direction of the cars

  • Top brush cleaning system: the car roof can be cleaned with a single touch!

    Function: Foam, clean water spray, cleaning both sides and the bottom of the car.
    Features: Using a new generation of foam brush, super soft, does not hurt the car body. The brush can maintain an average pressure on all points of contact with the car body. Under the minimum pressure, the brush can wrap the car body well and achieve the effect of car washing.

  • Large brush cleaning system: four brushes, can wash the front, rear, and four sides of the car body in a flash

    Features: four-brush surrounding cleaning, offside brushing of the front and rear of the car, leaving no dead ends, the rearview mirror can be automatically avoided during side washing, and the cylinder pressure sensing principle is used according to the shape of the body to maintain the proper pressure of the brushes to ensure the washing is operated under a stable and gentle state.

  • Rinsing and wax coating system: apply a layer of protect film to the car and give it a new look

    Function: automatic spray foam, automatic rinsing and wax coating
    Features: Effectively reduce the surface tension and dynamic contact angle of the car paint. After using this product, the water droplets on the car body will quickly roll off, reducing the air-drying time. The wax product is highly concentrated and can be used in low temperature environments.

  • Profiling air-drying system: profiling air-drying close-up and strong drying of the car body surface

    Function: automatic lifting, close-range strong drying of the the car body surface
    Features: The motors and reducers are Italian SITI brand. Generally, only two 3.5KW fans used to achieve the drying effect, energy saving

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