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Rollover Car Wash Machine S1

Product Name:Rollover Car Wash Machine S1
Product Features:
●Fully automated
●Efficient washing,safe and convenient
●Intelligent and efficient control
●Control it yourself remotely
●Does not take up the space

Operating mode:The car does not move, the car washing machine reciprocates on the guide rail according to a certain program, and at the same time executes the car washing instruction.

Applicable Vehicles:Small vehicles such as sedans, SUV etc.


How is the car wash machine dryer working?:                                                                               


Rollover car washing equipment washing mode show:


car wash roller machine



Gnatry car washer whole machine shown:


car wash & polish


● Adopts fully automatic PLC computer control system, which has faster operation

speed, lower failure rate, and can be upgraded remotely.

● Adopts ZFC alloy bending frame without welding.

rollover car wash company

●5 brushes (1 vertical lift top brush + 2 small vertical brushes + 2 large vertical brushes).

●Strong water cleaning system and foam pump system.

● Multiple functions: water washing---foam---brushing---weak water washing.

● With its own fault identification code, the fault is easy to identify and eliminate.

auto car wash machine price

The main frame of the car washing machine is made of high quality normalized steel plate with a thickness of more than 3mm.the anti-rust process is firstly phosphatized and galvanized, With external high-temperature car paint,standard modular design of the whole machine is strong and never deformed;So the machine is absolutely can be guaranteed a long service life of 15 years.


Product Name 5 Brush Rollover Car Wash Machine Wash Time 2.5-7min/car
Appicable Site recommend to install outdoor IP Rating IP67
Brush Quantity 1 top brush+2 vertical brush+2 skirt brush Customization according to request, no extra cost
Material galvanized steel/stainless steel Average Water Consumption (adjustable) 60-80L/car
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 20KVA Average Electricity Consumption (adjustable) 0.6 degree/car
Power 25KW Shampoo Consumption (adjustable) Approx. 10cc
Fan Power 22KW Water Wax Consumption (adjustablr Approx. 10cc
Air Supply Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa/
Machine Size (m)
Water Supply Pipeline DN25, Flow≥100L/min 11.19*12.14*9.51
Compressed Air Pressure 0.8MPA Max. Car Size (m)
Ground Flatness Deviation≤20mm 19.7*6.9*6.9
Wash Mode 4 modes Warranty 3 Year
  • auto car wash machine for sale
    PLC control system

    Fully automatic Mitsubishi PLC computer control system,faster operation speed,lower failure rate, and can be upgraded remotely.remote monitoring, remote diagnosis,remote control eliminate the need for a service technician and reduce the downtime and maintenance costs.

  • auto car wash machine cost
    Imported quality EVA brush

    The car body and tire parts are respectively configured with soft and hard brushes with different flexibility, and can be completely wrapped cleaning, it can not only ensure that the paint is not damaged, but also thoroughly clean the hub and other parts that are easy to accumulate dirt.The service life can reach 400,000 times. If 100 cars are washed every day, 36500 times a year, the service life is more than 10 years.

  • Car washing and drying equipment
    New intelligent air drying control system

    Shinewash car washing machine adopts a 4-fan fixed air drying system, which can automatically adjust the air drying power
    according to the vehicle model, reducing power consumption and saving energy under the condition of ensuring the air drying rate
    of more than 95%. The main body of the fan adopts turbine type, with noise reduction of more than 60%.

  • Car Wash Pressure Equipment
    SITI water proof motor reducer

    Italy SITI international brand,fully enclosed integrated design,waterproof grade IP68,life time is more than 20 years.

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