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[Order] Ecuadorian customer ordered automatic rollover car wash S1

2023-02-15 14:58:41

Recently, a customer from Ecuador ordered a reverse car wash machine, the model is fully automatic rollover car wash machine S1

 Ecuador Car Wash 

This is a car wash equipment is characterized by the use of car wash equipment using a new generation of car wash technology, which can be operated unmanned throughout the whole process. 5 brushes can clean the car within 1 minute, while waxing and air-drying the whole process takes only 2 minutes, improving car wash efficiency and saving time and costs.

Ecuador automatic car wash

Customers from Ecuador said they chose to buy the tumbler car wash because of its high efficiency and reliability. The equipment uses advanced technology to effectively clean cars, improve car wash efficiency, and save time and costs. In addition, the equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and pollution to the environment.

Rollover car wash machine S1

SHINEWASH Car Wash Factory is committed to providing customers with more efficient and reliable car wash equipment to meet their needs, as well as providing more technical support to help customers use the car wash equipment better, improve car wash efficiency, and save time and cost.

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